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We have been working in the local startup space for last 4 years in terms of investing, training and assisting in growing companies.
From our personal experience, we have seen that startups struggle to move from seed stage to growth stage because lack of right strategy, product development, hiring the right team and funding. Most importantly struggling to establish a focus
We offer our expertise to select startups to navigate the difficult path of seed stage and build their business to an investable company. We will work with you so that you reach your monthly KPI and enable you to meet your key business objective. We will provide you digital marketing and finance expertise so that you can get your business traction. We will do deep analysis of your talent base and guide you with key hires for your business. We will help with your pitch deck and put you in touch with investors so that you can get funding both equity or debt.

What you get from the 6 month mentorship:


Free Access to all online Startup Dhaka education content


Access to mentors via whatsapp group for advise

Review of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and feedback on product development

Developing 6 months business road map

Assisting you in logo development, creating brand identify and digital MKT strategy and spend

Basic finance modeling to plan 6 months of run way for your business

Developing your pitch deck

Introduction to investors and potential clients


  • “Mentorship is one of the biggest support from the Startup Dhaka team. It make sense to to learn from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that.”

    -Bijon, Light Castle Partner
  • “Startup Dhaka team helped us to pivot at a crucial point of our business when we were struggling to find our revenue path”

    -Sheyam, Repto
  • "Innovation is an accident, but series of innovation is the wonder of the mind. A good mentorship can help making a wonderful mind I think Startup Dhaka team is successfully making many."


Startup Dhaka is a platform that connects entrepreneurs, and investors through events, online education content and Accelerator program.

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