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If your company is looking to be on the cutting edge of innovation in your industry, Startup Dhaka can help. By leveraging its expertise in technology startups, we collaborate with you to build innovative startups as a JV. You may want to reinvent your business utilizing technology, whether bring efficiency in your process, build new revenue streams or create better value for your customers, we will work together to develop a product roadmap, get the right people on board, prototype and launch products. This will ensure you are ahead of the competition and driving the change in your industry.

Why create internal innovation ventures:

  • Accelerate time to market for new industry innovations
  • Shift company culture and mindsets
  • Optimise return on innovation investment

Join us as a sole partner or as part of a consortium with other top innovative brands. We help find, invest in, and grow great teams with innovative technology and ambitions. The program is designed to work with companies in a set vertical (e.g. fintech, foodtech, enterprise tech, etc.) for 4 months. Using a structured online curriculum and access to mentorship, the corporate accelerator will build a portfolio of innovation.

  • 21 startups accelerated
  • 500 plus jobs created by the companies
  • on an average 3 times valuation created upon graduation

Why run an accelerator program?

  • Make your brand synonymous with innovation
  • Collaborate with and gain financial exposure to startups
  • Maximize enormous brand and PR value for your company
  • Build a portfolio in innovation

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Programme

Develop a Start-Up, from Idea to Launch

This can be a 1 day or 3 day programme designed to help students or professionals turn their ideas into projects. Designed around the theme of exploration, people will explore their interests and passions, investigate problems they want to solve and initiate projects to validate the need and value of their ideas. Focused on experiential learning and Startup Dhaka’s unique methodology, people are guaranteed a memorable learning experience that is both relevant and enjoyable.

Topics covered are :

  • Day 1:Value identification, Lean Methodology, Problem Identification, Customer Discovery, Prototyping
    Day 1:Value identification, Lean Methodology, Problem Identification, Customer Discovery,
  • Day 2:Prototyping, Digital Marketing, Landing Page Design
  • Day 3:Customer Development, Market Sizing & Segmentation, Business Model Generation, Pitching

Programme Duration

Total Contact Hours: Up to 15 hours, Conducted over 7 Sessions

Minimum Class Size: 20 students

Suitable For

- Schools, university and business with a design, entrepreneurship or innovation department

- Teams preparing for a start-up or business plan competition

Startup Dhaka is a platform that connects entrepreneurs, and investors through events, online education content and Accelerator program.

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